April 18th, 2012

Thanks to all of your very kind donations Eaglefest 2014 raised an astounding £3000 for Joes dream to walk. This money will help Joe get the aftercare he needs. Well done and thankyou all.


help raise funds for joes operation

Each year Eaglefest raise money for local charities, usually childrens based charities. Keeping it local is really important to us, and this year we are raising money for a very special local child. Joe is a 4 year old who was born with Cerebral Palsy, which affects the muscles in his legs, making standing or walking impossible without aids. There is a life changing operation available called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy(SDR) but it is not available on the NHS because of funding cuts. The operation will release the stiffness in Joes legs, allowing his muscles to move more freely. The operation is only half of Joes battle as he once the operation has been undertaken an intensive physiotherapy regime will be needed in order to strengthen his muscles. Again the aftercare (physio) is not available via the NHS because of the funding issues.

With your help we want to raise as much money of the 2014 weekend in July as we can in order to help Joe and his family raise the £38,000 required for the operation and aftercare. We would also like to see Joe stand, walk independently and sit comfortably without being in pain. The highlight of this charity for us would be if the money was raised in time for Joe to have his operation and start to recover enough to be able to walk in to school on his first day.

Whilst we will be collecting donations all through the weekend of July 19th & 20th. There is no reason why you can not donate early via Joes Just giving donation page or by texting JOES57 £2/£5/£10 (dependant on how much you would like to donate) to 70070 or if you can help out with more significant funds then please get in touch with joes family via joes facebook page ( or email them direct on or you can get in touch with us and we will pass on your detals.

All of the money raised by the tree of hope charity via the Just giving page will go directly to Joe but any funds over the £38,000 will be then passed on to the tree of hope to distribute across the other needy causes.

If you would like to help raise money for Joe please download and print the poster (shown below) and put it up on your works notice board.
joes text banner


Last year Eaglefest 2013 raised an astounding amount of money which was donated to Brian House (trinity hospice).


The Following Companies have donated, goods, time or money this year:

Lucas Owen Developments

Dave Walsh (All Art work, facebook page and website)

Gtr signs – Liverpool (printed stage banner)

A big thank you to all companies and persons above from all at Eaglefest.

If you own a business and would like to donate funds or services then please contact Ian on 07866753899.


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